Easy Edibles

Have you ever considered edibles in your landscape?

Often people believe that edibles can only be incorporated into their property in the form of garden rows. Although typical gardens are still in favor for vegetable and flower gardens, there are other options. Think big but start small! Consider commingling fruits into your yard. For example, strawberries can be added as a ground cover beneath larger plants creating a layering effect as well as deterring weeds and lessening the need for mulch. They can be planted in everbearing varieties such as my favorite, Ozark Beauty, for picking a little at a time throughout summer, day neutral types which tend to be more consistent bearers throughout summer, or June bearers for a heavier crop over a short period of time.

Ozark Beauty Strawberries as ground cover and food in author’s yard
Montmorency cherries on tree in author’s yard

Fruit can also be added in the form of shrubs. Amelanchier and blueberry shrubs offer spring blooms, edible fruit in summer, and changing leaf colors in the Autumn. On an even larger scale, Cherry trees offer another easy to grow fruit option. In my neck of the woods, the best choice is a sour cherry. They are more hardy in most areas of Wisconsin over sweet cherries. There are exceptions though. Personally, I love the Montmorency variety. They look like beautiful bright red jewels hanging from the tree (see my picture below). What’s even better is they taste awesome. Not sour in my opinion, just a bit tart. Yum!!

I will be back before you know it to talk more about edibles. This will give you a starting point until then. Talk soon!!




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