Maintenance, Design, Consulting, Instruction  

garden consulting and design services

I enjoy working with people to beautify their surroundings. Personalizing my services to meet my clients needs is my specialty. Sometimes that means gaining a bit of knowledge through onsite teaching and maintenance training. At other times, that means getting help from a knowledgeable and trustworthy individual to keep up on landscape maintenance tasks.  

Garden/plant maintenance

  • lessons for DIYers
  • scheduled maintenance

Landscape Design

  • design for DIYers
  • design and implementation services



consulting rates

  • The time for a visit varies depending on services requested. There is a 1 hr minimum. The rate is $60 per hour with additional time calculated in fifteen minute increments. There is no trip charge for travel within 25 miles of Waterloo, WI.

design rates

  • Design rates for a 1/4 acre residential property start at $300.
  • Design rates for cutting gardens, vegetable gardens, etc. are based on an hourly rate of $60 per hour.
  • Design services can be utilized for do-it-yourself projects or for those installed by Shawn L. Vieth LLC, McKay Nursery Landscape Services, or others. Customers own their design after payment to Shawn L. Vieth LLC. for design and/or design services.

Landscape Maintenance and/or instruction

  • Landscape maintenance performed by Shawn L. Vieth LLC performed on an hourly rate or based on project
  • Maintenance instruction including but not necessary limited to pruning, deadheading, splitting of perennials, landscape bed renovation, etc. on an hourly rate.
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